Rob’s Anniversary

It’s nine years now

Where does one start

It was crunch time

And you broke many a heart.


we had been busy, all through the year.

From the previous Christmas and the beginning of New Year.

How was I to know that you had thought  – all those things.

“What goes around on the roundabout you picked up on the swings. “

Its now nine years gone by and

for lifes’ complexities

I tried to understand

Wondering every lonely depressing day

Is love going to come back my way???

Hearing constantly ; of late

that yes “good things do come

to those who wait. ”

Trying to to stay positive

Being selfless and to many others I did give.

Now I have – I think – meet someone like you.

Will he break my heart too?

So being the positive woman I am

I really do hope I no longer have to bury my head in the sand.

You knew how much I loved you and

everything was good.

One question:

“Why did you let the Black dog , on that day, eat you alive in the wood ? ”










Fry me

via Daily Prompt: Fry

Is that a Fry for me , and a fry for you?

There is nothing that gives us such a thrill

As the magic words of a fry, also known as grill.

Whether in a pan, bbq, skittl, deep pot or a heavy base wok

As long as it’s got heaps of fat – hot hot hot.

There is burgers, chips, donuts, fritters, chicken, shaslicks and a kofta or two.

we love a fry morning, night or noon

You can fry in the sun

plenty do this under the guise of fun

Or whilst under the pump

Of course , the sunburn makes you look like a chump.

Eggs can be part of a fry

especially if they have pancakes, maple syrup and bacon as sides.

My mouth waters just hearing anyone say

MMMMM off to FRY me up coupla pineapple fritters and chips today.

Fry for me or a fry for you

thank you lord for life without it would be very blue.




Blindly I fell for it

via Daily Prompt: Blindly

Blindly, I fell for it

yes all of it

The deceit

the lies

the overriding emotional ties.

Blindly like a fool

I actually did believe you

Like the faithful puppy; I chose to ignore

the way we loved one another

and how it made us soar.

Then it all came crashing down

as whispers gathered around town

With undeniable strength the warning signs – I chose to ignore

Now after you were gone

my heart broke;

million pieces onto the floor.

Blindly, naively, gullible like my love for you was oh so strong

But, not realising,  it was the Black Dog that had consumed you; all along.



a shared post.

Someone once said that FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real, and I couldn’t help but think how true this is. Often, we allow fear to consume us. It’s time to say NO to fear. Our role is not to attempt to get rid of fear but to be courageous when we are…

via I Learned That Courage Was Not the Absence of Fear, but the Triumph Over It. The Brave Man Is Not He Who Does Not Feel Afraid, but He Who Conquers That Fear – Nelson Mandela — The Seeds 4 Life


via Daily Prompt: Desire


just stood there

Tall, sturdy muscular lean and chestnut short brown hair

My eyes locked yours

Desire like fire

flamed through my core


Flashed bright yellow,pink, blues, white and green

You were, and still, are the most incredible man I have seen.

Desire melded with unconditional love

Every time we meet

Lightning strikes us from above

It overrode both our senses, from that moment on

Even now that desire, in my heart, still sings its song.



2017 is here….

Well oh well!! Golly Gee and OMGeeeee  🙂

I blinked and it’s now the end of 2 o six teen

January already; where did the last one go?

From the blinding sapping heat to a year of great snow.

From floods in our deserts to never ending coastal rain.

Our year has swooshed by like a Japanese bullet train.

Yes we lost movie, music and iconic greats.

But lets not talk anymore of the ‘Trump’ at your gate.

So from rushing around visiting relatives, friends family galore.

Let’s just stop, take a deep breathe and yell “no more’..

‘No More’ chocolate, ham, turkey,fancy salads or even prawns.

Kickin’ back on the couch with legs a stretched and emitting loud yawns.

So farewell last year, and all those misplaced /trusted fears

Start again on new resolutions and another year.








The following is definitely food for thought:


Retreat is an active word. It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign that you are in-charge of your reactions. It shows you know when to do something differently. To me, the word RETREAT breaks down into the following powerful actions and helps me to move forward in the direction I need to go…

via Retreat — INSPIRING MAX

OMG its christmas again

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Yes we could hear that pesky pesky mouse.

Crunching on the lovingly wrapped presents

that had far too much money , on them, spent.

I know it was looking for something great to eat.

But here in Australia all food is kept out of the heat.

IN the fridge, lay chocolates, biscuits, and food stuffs galore.

No way? could that mouse get into and have a quick gnaw.

As I lay restless on my comfy bed

trying to get the work related ache out of my head.

I tried breathing slow, trying sleep

maybe i should try ‘the old trick of counting sheep.

As the clock ticked over and 25 came round

nope nothing about the day was profound.

My heart still missed the loves of my past

I just wished the day would go by fast.

so now with 3 hours to go

thank god i have work tomorrow.

So for those of you who spent the day with family and friends

Appreciate them today for you may never know-  when their life may end.

Yes it is Christmas again in our house.

And yes the trap went snap and got that pesky pesky mouse.








Multi storey car parking is what we want

Useless is the one dimensional one’s on offer, we all have to park too far away.

Let’s  have a  REAL look dear councilors on what happens every day.

Time to pull your heads out of the sand.

Include everyone in this ‘master public transport plan’

Spend money and now not ‘real soon’ or 2028.

Trying to catch a train on time; when having to walk a half mile to the boom gate.

Ordinary folk are always running late.

Raging mad, frustrated and tired everyday.

Extra 1-2 hours on my, already long day, trying to find a spot.

Yes a MULTI STOREY CARPARK, at every train station is what we all really want.




What began as a hiatus of weeks totaling 8.

Has now expanded to a two year break.

Along the way I have read you all

Laughed, cried, sympathized, mused and confused by the world at large

even wondering who else Donald Trump is gunna push off his barge

Yes the world has been truly crazy, lazy, and even sometimes shady over this time

Still I am trying to work on my rhymes

Thank you to all once followed me

I do hope I can restore some of your faith and have you read my creativity.

So from this day forth I am back online

and hopefully be able to make my writings a bit more refined.




Last night at my local library we gathered to hear from a ‘celebrity’.  David Astle, a word genius had been invited to far flung rural Victoria to share his love of cryptic crosswords.

 As I am currently studying and education and training type diploma; I found his love of words fascinating.

 He is the host of a quirky TV show called “Letters and Numbers” on the ABC.

 I am also hopeless at these type of crosswords.

it was funny relevant and gave me an insight into how other peoples’ brains tick. 

 Thank You Mildura Rural Libraries for this event. 

i may now even have a go at ‘those’ crosswords. 

Congratulations to all of you out there that can master them. 

Anything that keeps ‘the old grey matter going” …….

Cheers have a nice week

Hello…….Is there any one out there

Hello Loyal 36 followers.

I have managed to get on to a computer at my local library.

No i have not been able to replace my beloved ASUS yet……So posts will be limited for time being. I have not forgotten you.

A musing: If libraries and reading books is going out of fashion then how come there is always a waiting list for computer use,and there is a lot of people especially children in all of my local libraries????

I predict that BOOKS are fashionable again..  Never were they not

just there is a generation out there who reckon there was no need for them.

Ha ha aha. Us oldies have shown them that there is.

There is Nothing like being able to read.   It empowers you, uses that part of the brain that fuels creativity, imagination etc.   it is meditative and best of all anyone can come to a library and just sit.   relax and breathe.   I love being at the library.  All its endless possibilities is comforting and satisfying.

Remember Information is knowledge and Knowledge is power.

Cheers from Down Under for now.

All Hail books, libraries and educators.

Biography Book Hunt


Everybody –ahhh hmm m !!

Attention out there Please……

I want to begin reading again and I need your recommendations.

Although I am linked to Good Reads. I am being overwhelmed with what they are recommending.

I want to read a GREAT BIOGRAPHY.

I have just finished, for the second time, Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Prior to that it was Stephen Fry.

No – i do not want to read anything sports, or politically motivated.

Just great people who shaped our world.

So my loyal 33 followers What do any of you recommend??

New Year promises

It is just 2 days to go –

New Years Eve.

The time we all promise ourselves

to turn over new leaves.

No more fatty food, chocolate, work late or ‘smokes’

who are we fooling –

Are not they just jokes?

But there we all are; come round midnight

Promising, overcome with ‘cheer’ and fireworks bright light.

Telling family, friends, a stranger or two

What  and how we will start the year anew.

come end of week

our resolve falters  becomes a little meek.

With out our cheer squad by our side

Resolve and promise, away, they slowly slip and slide.

Excuse after excuse begins to multiply

good intentions of change into sunset does ride.